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Vous recherchez des VOIX-OFF étrangères autochtones ?

Et bien ne cherchez plus ! Je les ai trouvées pour vous !
Agent de voix Etrangères, je vous ai déniché de vraies perles rares.
Elles ont été sélectionnées avec soins. Toutes sont uniques et ultra réactives. 

Mes critères de sélection ?
Timbre de la voix, jeu, réactivité et professionalisme.

Plus besoin de vous casser la tête à chercher des voix pour un même projets. Je gère tout pour vous. 

Un seul interlocuteur pour plusieurs langues : MOI 
Si l'une d'elles vous a aussi séduit alors n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour un devis personnalisé.

A très vite !

Voix allemandes


Voix masculine allemande :
Voix féminine allemande :
Voix anglaises


Voix masculines anglaises :
Voix féminines anglaises :
Voix enfantine anglaise :
Voix arabes


Voix masculine arabe :
Voix chinoises


Voix masculine chinoise :
Voix espagnoles


Voix masculines espagnoles :
Voix féminine espagnole :
Voix italiennes


Voix masculine italienne :
Voix féminines italiennes :
Voix néerlandaises


Voix féminine néerlandaise :
Voix portugaises


Voix masculine portugaise :
Voix féminine portugaise :

Stop sounding the web you’ve found your voice !

Looking for voice actin? For a smiling, dynamic, natural, composed, soft, elegant, seductive voice ? For a corporate, journalistic, or even a downright cartoon voice ? Then look no more, you’ve found your voice !
I am available for all your recordings, may it be corporate videos, E-Learning, TV Commercials, audiobooks, animations, tablet apps, Voiceover, Documentaries, Audio guides, Audiotel, Voicemail, Dubbing but also CHILDREN AND CARTOON VOICES !
An EMERGENCY? No worries! I am reachable on weekdays from 9am to 7pm.
Need an ISDN session? Again, no worries I am all set up for that. I work with Source CONNECT and ipDTL.
QUALITY, SPEED, PROFESSIONALISM and all of that very cheerfully !


Experienced in women and children voice-dubbing, my voice is actually a conglomerate of various timbres and intonations and allows me to fit into the characters I am dubbing: women, children, cartoon characters… We can meet anywhere in France to record your ADR and post-sync works. I can as well work at home in my own studio.


Looking for a soft, smiling, friendly, dynamic, instructive, seductive, academic, or childish voice for your voice-over recordings? Or a mix of all that? Well my voice and acting skills might be exactly what (… you’re looking for !


Welcome to my audio book! 
For several years now, I have been working as a comedian and I now pile up a significant experience regarding voiceover acting, dubbing and ADR acting. I had the pleasure to lend my voice for the communication of well-known brands, and for the dubbing of cartoon and movie characters.


My years on stage made me realise that I loved comedy, acting and above all else the possibility to erase myself… To live another’s life. From now on, my own little self will retreat from the public eye. ? Through the years, being on stage, as I’ve come to realise, became a constant struggle, knowing who I am … A very shy person! The stage was a torture and at the same time a pure delight, once the audience had vanished from my mind … Then, 5 years ago, I decided that I would become… a VOICEOVER artist! What a dream of a job for a shy person like me! We get to act, step into someone else’s shoes without actually being seen! I have, beyond any doubt, found at last, the personal and professional balance I needed. People listen to me but don’t see me, and I live the life of the characters I play just the same! I can be a Mom as well as her child. A “femme fatale” as well as a wise one. A teen or a baby. A journalist, a storyteller, a teacher… In short, I happily “switch bodies” with my characters every day! I bring your scripts, your books, to life as if it were mine. My soft spot? I volunteer for the GIAA (Blind and Amblyopic Intellectuals Group) where I read the visually impaired kids “Je lis déjà” (“I read already) magazines. Now I wouldn’t want to bore you already, so I will stop here ;-)

Some quotes that define me well :

Experience :
« Experience is like a lantern hanging from your back; it only ever lights up the path we have already travelled. » (Confucius) Then let’s talk about the path we will walk together !

Talent :
« A man may and ought to pride himself more on his will than on his talent » (Balzac) « To be wary of one’s own talent, is the first step to merit » (du Tremblay) But that is for you to appreciate when you listen to my demos !

Willpower :
« Goodwill reaches means and opportunities » (Baïf) Last but not least : « Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts » (Winston Churchill)

Professional voiceover recording studio

Set up with a professional recording studio, I can deliver, clean and ready for mixing voiceover work within 24 hours :

  • Trailers
  • TV and Radio commercials
  • Corporate presentation
  • E-Learning and Edutainment
  • Billboards and Audiobooks
  • Voiceover (translation)
  • Educative CD-ROM and video games

Feel free to listen to my audio demos and give a look at my video demos. That way you will have a more accurate idea of my work and “multiple voices”. You can also follow my voiceover and ADR news, and discover my voiceover guest book.

You have a project in mind and wish to tell me about it? Please get in touch so you can put me on the right “track” !