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- Voix Dessins Animés CARTOON

Vous recherchez des VOIX-OFF étrangères autochtones ?

Et bien ne cherchez plus ! Je vous les ai trouvées !
Après avoir passé au peigne fin tout google, j'ai fini par dénicher de vraies perles rares.
Je vous ai sélectionné quelques voix qui ont accepté de collaborer avec moi.

Mes critères de sélection ?
Timbre de la voix, jeu, réactivité et sympathie du comédien.
Si l'une d'elles vous a aussi séduit alors n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour un devis personnalisé.

A très vite !

PETRA, English Female Voiceover
SPENCER, English Male Voiceover
DOMINIC, German Male Voiceover
ANDREA, Italian Male Voiceover
SIMONETTA, Italian Female Voiceover
SILVIA, Italian Female Voiceover
TERESA, Portuguese Female Voiceover
BRIAN, Spanish Male Voiceover
ROSI, Spanish Female Voiceover

Stop sounding the web you’ve found your voice !

Looking for voice actin? For a smiling, dynamic, natural, composed, soft, elegant, seductive voice ? For a corporate, journalistic, or even a downright cartoon voice ? Then look no more, you’ve found your voice !
I am available for all your recordings, may it be corporate videos, E-Learning, TV Commercials, audiobooks, animations, tablet apps, Voiceover, Documentaries, Audio guides, Audiotel, Voicemail, Dubbing but also CHILDREN AND CARTOON VOICES !
An EMERGENCY? No worries! I am reachable on weekdays from 9am to 7pm.
Need an ISDN session? Again, no worries I am all set up for that. I work with Source CONNECT and ipDTL.
QUALITY, SPEED, PROFESSIONALISM and all of that very cheerfully !


Experienced in women and children voice-dubbing, my voice is actually a conglomerate of various timbres and intonations and allows me to fit into the characters I am dubbing: women, children, cartoon characters… We can meet anywhere in France to record your ADR and post-sync works. I can as well work at home in my own studio.


Looking for a soft, smiling, friendly, dynamic, instructive, seductive, academic, or childish voice for your voice-over recordings? Or a mix of all that? Well my voice and acting skills might be exactly what (… you’re looking for !


Welcome to my audio book! 
For several years now, I have been working as a comedian and I now pile up a significant experience regarding voiceover acting, dubbing and ADR acting. I had the pleasure to lend my voice for the communication of well-known brands, and for the dubbing of cartoon and movie characters.


My years on stage made me realise that I loved comedy, acting and above all else the possibility to erase myself… To live another’s life. From now on, my own little self will retreat from the public eye. ? Through the years, being on stage, as I’ve come to realise, became a constant struggle, knowing who I am … A very shy person! The stage was a torture and at the same time a pure delight, once the audience had vanished from my mind … Then, 5 years ago, I decided that I would become… a VOICEOVER artist! What a dream of a job for a shy person like me! We get to act, step into someone else’s shoes without actually being seen! I have, beyond any doubt, found at last, the personal and professional balance I needed. People listen to me but don’t see me, and I live the life of the characters I play just the same! I can be a Mom as well as her child. A “femme fatale” as well as a wise one. A teen or a baby. A journalist, a storyteller, a teacher… In short, I happily “switch bodies” with my characters every day! I bring your scripts, your books, to life as if it were mine. My soft spot? I volunteer for the GIAA (Blind and Amblyopic Intellectuals Group) where I read the visually impaired kids “Je lis déjà” (“I read already) magazines. Now I wouldn’t want to bore you already, so I will stop here ;-)

Some quotes that define me well :

Experience :
« Experience is like a lantern hanging from your back; it only ever lights up the path we have already travelled. » (Confucius) Then let’s talk about the path we will walk together !

Talent :
« A man may and ought to pride himself more on his will than on his talent » (Balzac) « To be wary of one’s own talent, is the first step to merit » (du Tremblay) But that is for you to appreciate when you listen to my demos !

Willpower :
« Goodwill reaches means and opportunities » (Baïf) Last but not least : « Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts » (Winston Churchill)

Professional voiceover recording studio

Set up with a professional recording studio, I can deliver, clean and ready for mixing voiceover work within 24 hours :

  • Trailers
  • TV and Radio commercials
  • Corporate presentation
  • E-Learning and Edutainment
  • Billboards and Audiobooks
  • Voiceover (translation)
  • Educative CD-ROM and video games

Feel free to listen to my audio demos and give a look at my video demos. That way you will have a more accurate idea of my work and “multiple voices”. You can also follow my voiceover and ADR news, and discover my voiceover guest book.

You have a project in mind and wish to tell me about it? Please get in touch so you can put me on the right “track” !